flight services & operations

Our Flight Services and Operations business was established to assist our customers to optimise efficiency in the management of aviation assets.  The Team specialises in reducing the demands of aircraft ownership and is qualified to oversee the full maintenance and flight operations of your aircraft.  As further evidence of our focus on customer experience, our management packages are tailored to the specific requirements of the owner with a wide range of possibilities.

Absolute Flight Services options include:

  • Flight scheduling and planning
  • Flight Crew staffing and management
  • Departure and Arrival Support
  • Wholesale charter management (sourcing and generating charter income)
  • Regulatory compliance (aircraft and crew)
  • Flight Logistics (catering, clearances, crew HOTAC, etc.)
  • Maintenance forecasting and planning
  • Maintenance cost management
  • Aircraft insurance (and the option of our exclusive fleet policy)
  • Hangarage, general care and cleaning
  • Accounting management and reporting service (for recovering operational costs)

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