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Absolute Flight Services was established to assist customers to optimise efficiency in the management of aviation assets.  The Team specialises in reducing the demands of aircraft ownership and are qualified to oversee the full maintenance and flight operations of owner aircraft. As further evidence of our focus on customer experience, our management packages are tailored to the specific requirements of the owner with a wide range of possibilities.

Everything from charter support, to hangarage and maintenance management, to a fully operational FBO and Advantage Lounge with full concierge travel services are possible and provided on demand.


Flight Services options include:

  • Flight scheduling and planning
  • Flight Crew staffing and management
  • Departure and Arrival Support
  • Wholesale charter management (sourcing and generating charter income)
  • Regulatory compliance (aircraft and crew)
  • Flight Logistics (catering, clearances, crew HOTAC, etc.)
  • Maintenance forecasting and planning
  • Maintenance cost management
  • Aircraft insurance (and the option of our exclusive fleet policy)
  • Hangarage, general care and cleaning
  • Accounting management and reporting service (for recovering operational costs)

As we are all by now aware, the aviation sector is being disproportionately impacted by the threat and effect of the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak. Our industry, by its nature, involves interaction with people transitioning between locations and this incrementally increases the risk of contagion. This said, we obsess about the well-being of both our customers and our staff alike and we have implemented several countermeasures to safeguard you, your team and your family’s interests going forward.

We would like to draw attention to some of the most significant steps taken so far:

  • We have located hand sanitizer dispensers in high visibility positions throughout all of our facilities, (and at aircraft entrances pre-boarding) and have additionally purchased over 400 units of portable solution for staff
  • Body temperature scanners have been acquired and all staff need to report for testing before proceeding to their workstations in the mornings
  • All meetings, events and congregation related activities remain discouraged where possible in favour of technology-based communications
  • Our aircraft fleet will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected internally on conclusion of each flight and in preparation for the flight to come. We make every effort to ensure the aircraft is sanitized and that the cabin remains a safe environment for our passengers
  • All staff working in open areas are required to wear appropriate face masks.

We are open for normal business and are confident you should not experience a compromise in our service delivery.

In addition, we are fully prepared to tailor our service to meet any changes necessary to accommodate any deviations you may have to normal business, (temporary delivery addresses / more frequent and smaller orders / etc.).

We remain steadfastly at your service and thank you for the generous support we have enjoyed to date throughout the crisis.

All of our lines are active and all staff are available on email.

Absolute Flight Services (Pty) Ltd holds both Domestic and International Air Services Licenses, and operates a fleet of jets and turboprop aircraft in accordance with the SA CAA Aircraft Operating Certificate – Part 135

  • Litson & Associates: Aviation Safety Award – Gold

meet the team

Rohan Prinsloo

Franciska Jacobs

Shaun Hook

Robert Armstrong

FBO services include

  • Flight Planning & Dispatch
  • Ground Handling Services
  • AOG Assistance
  • Landing Clearances
  • Aircraft Cleaning & Valet – Interior & Exterior
  • Aircraft Toilet Service
  • Water Replenishment Service
  • In-flight Catering Services
  • GPU Services
  • Aircraft Hangarage and Temporary Aircraft Parking
  • Main Terminal Customs and Immigration Handling
  • Luggage Services
  • Schedule Flight Assistance
  • Fuel Supply Services
  • On-board catering Supply and Amenities
  • Aircraft Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Advantage Lounge

flying privately should always feel first class

 introducing our

FixedBaseOperation and AdvantageLounge

flight planning, full dispatch, guest services, travel & accommodation, meeting rooms…cappuccino.

because we can.

 introducing our

FixedBaseOperation and AdvantageLounge

flight planning, full dispatch, guest services, travel & accommodation, meeting rooms…cappuccino.

because we can.

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