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As appointed distributors of Lycoming Engines and Continental Motors (over 52 years) for factory exchange engines, Absolute Aircraft Parts can assist with planning your engine change orders, before TBO is reached with no hidden costs or waiting for parts delays. We are dedicated to the journey and it is our mission to keep you in the air with minimum down time.

Factory engines are always built to the latest improved product designs with zero-time logbooks, and all of the latest SB’s and AD’s are incorporated with great Factory Warranties on exchange engines. Factory Rebuilt engines have an exceedingly high new part content, resulting in Factory improved warranties. Absolute Aircraft Parts will assist in processing all warranty claims with the factory on your behalf and offer very competitive freight costs, including core returns, with insurance and deferred core billing. Core returns are subject to factory T&C’s, but because we are the appointed distributors for Lycoming Engines and Continental Motors we are in a position to better assist in factory approvals. When factory discounts are available, we are notified by the manufacturers and we communicate these to ensure that costs are kept at a minimum to our customers.

We said we would be ‘with you for the journey’.  We weren’t just making small talk.

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