4 Pax Range

4,500 nm

Maximum Cruise Speed


Cabin Zones 


Max Cabin Altitude

5,000 ft

Fuselage Diameter

102 in

For the past 20 years, there have been no new innovative, clean-sheet designs in this category. The wait is over. The Citation® Hemisphere™ is the first new design, and it comes from the company most committed to the industry.


Time-saving speed. Ambitious range. Low cabin altitude. Modern additive manufacturing techniques.

A world-class cabin that is configurable for your mission and the quietest in the class. All this for the lowest total ownership cost in its class. No other aircraft can compete with this level of performance and comfort. It’s not just a flight anymore. It’s a whole new experience.



The Hemisphere’s interior features an unprecedented, class-leading diameter of 102 inches.

As you settle into seats designed for maximum comfort, oversized windows let natural light fill the cabin. Three individual zones are equally well-suited for moving your business forward or affording a relaxing environment between your destinations. Customizable configurations allow for a cabin layout designed around your needs. Options include an in-flight conference center that helps your team stay productive during travel. This zone may also transition into sleeping quarters when needed. Meanwhile, the aft zone promotes privacy and rest with space to stretch out while enjoying our quietest interior yet.

Make this cabin your own. Choose from a variety of color palettes for veneers, flooring and luxury leathers.As you settle into seats designed for maximum comfort, over-sized windows let natural light fill the cabin. Three individual zones are equally well-suited for moving your business forward or affording a relaxing environment between your destinations. Customizable configurations allow for a cabin layout designed around your needs.

The spacious third zone is your own private area to relax so you arrive feeling rested. With options for couches or the class’s largest seats, you can configure the aircraft to best meet your mission needs.

Lavatories in both the front and back of the cabin ensure that you are not interrupted while in the private aft zone. Passengers may freshen up mid-flight in the aft lavatory, which contains an additional skylight, a large mirror and plenty of storage for anything you might need in flight — from an extra change of clothes to blankets and linens.

The aft baggage area is class-leading in space and accessibility. It offers walk-in capability and is fully accessible at all flight levels.


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The Citation Hemisphere aircraft comes equipped with Honeywell’s latest avionics system, providing pilots with a conformal 3D view of the outside world in challenging weather conditions such as fog, rain or snow to improve situational awareness.

Honeywell’s connected aircraft solution spans satellite communications and connectivity airtime as well as cockpit, cabin, and integrates with Textron Aviation’s proprietary LinxUs™ maintenance and diagnostics reporting ecosystem. A transoceanic flight management system, coupled with SmartView™ for lower minimums, precision inertial reference sensors, and a comprehensive connected aircraft, combined these innovations will enable Hemisphere operators to reach destinations faster and with reduced cost.


The Hemisphere will incorporate a full fly-by-wire (FBW) flight control system, providing the latest-design for superior performance. The system will provide optimized handling characteristics designed around the user. Innovative, active control sidesticks, provide ease of operation for the pilot and will ensure a new level of ergonomics in this class-leading platform. Thales, a proven leader in FBW design, has been selected to provide the flight control computers and remote electronic units to support this system.

standard features

  • Large-format, LED high-resolution displays
  • Touch screen controllers
  • SmartView Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
  • IntuVue™ 3D Volumetric Weather Radar system
  • Airport 2D and 3D Moving Maps
  • Next Generation Flight Management System
  • Aspire™ 300 Satellite Communications
  • JetWave™ Cabin Satellite Communications


The Citation Hemisphere will be powered by two next-generation Safran™ Silvercrest™ engines with over 12,000 pounds of thrust.

The Silvercrest engines incorporate the latest advanced, field-proven technologies to offer unrivaled performance in its class in terms of direct operating cost, propulsion efficiency, reliability and environmental friendliness. These engines lower fuel consumption by up to 15 percent, reduce NOx emissions by up to 40 percent under CAEP/6 standards and half the noise footprint compared to other engines in its class.

range map

Aircraft performance is dependent on multiple variables (i.e. winds aloft, number of passengers, temperature and altitude of departure and arrival airports). The range, speed and endurance listed here represent average performance data. Contact one of our experienced Client Services Representatives who will be able to advise you on additional fuel stops or other limitations needed based on your itinerary and aircraft.



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